Back to the grind

Music for the week is …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Well, kind of. I got their latest CD earlier in the week (It’s called IX). Then I realized I don’t have a CD drive on my Desktop, work laptop or tablet. Makes it kind of hard to listen to it. I did finally get around to ripping it on the kids’ computer and then dragged it across the network to my desktop, but I never bothered to put it on my phone, so no IX for me today.

I’m back at Grounded Coffee in Midland, Ontario this week. Easter plans threw me off a little, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I got down on the page. I got to a fairly introspective part of the story and I wanted to have the week to roll it around in my head a bit. We’ll see how it all plays out today.

Speaking of Grounded, I always feel so high maintenance when I come here because I like to sit at this one table in the back. In the front, there are these round tables and I don’t like to type from round tables. It’s weird. The rest of the tables here are really cool looking. They’re made from distressed wood, which is pretty consistent with the d├ęcor I think, but my tablet always sits between two planks of wood and they are not flush. So it just doesn’t work for typing. The table in the back though is just a plain old little rectangular table. It’s perfect for my tablet. The only problem is that because it’s in the back, the staff usually put stuff on it. Or if they’re brewing coffee, then they use it for putting stuff on top of.

So whenever I come in, I’m always asking if they can move stuff so I can sit there. I realize it’s probably not a huge deal, but I’m generally pretty low maintenance, so it’s uncomfortable for me.

They are getting to know me though since I’ve been coming here most Sundays for a good number of months now. And the baristas have become friendly with me as well as interested in what I’m doing. So hopefully it will become more comfortable.

I’ll leave you with a pic of the bean roaster (and one of the baristas). I love the smell in here (the coffee, not the baristas).

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