I will paint you a picture that’s inside my head

Today I had somewhat of a shortened writing time due to the impending Easter Dinner at my mother-in-law’s place. It should be a nice time.

That all being said, the day started with a bit of frustration. I ended up staying in town and going to the local Tim Hortons because I didn’t want to take an hour of my time getting to and getting home from one of my normal writing hangouts. And while it saves time, the atmosphere isn’t as productive for me. Then when I tried to make this update, my blog kept kicking me out, so I was unable to update. I’m not sure if it was a Blog thing or an IE thing (I write from a Windows Surface RT so the only browser that is supported is IE), but I’ve never had an issue before, so maybe it was site related.

Once I finally just decided to save the update for later, I was able to get down to work. I spent about half my time going over what I wrote last week. Honestly, I’m not as good at first drafts as some other writers are, but I’m getting better with more practice. I didn’t have a tonne to fix, but I added some extra detail and reorganized some stuff a bit better. All things considered, I think it came out pretty well on first pass.

I got about 1500 new words down today. It caught me off guard, but I found myself addressing some of the main themes in the story in the new chapter. I wasn’t planning on directly addressing them, but more painting a picture around them, but it just seemed to come out.

Part of the way I write is very similar to how I code. I do a fair amount of Java programming for work and when I find myself stuck or unsure of how to best address a piece of logic, I tend to step away for a while. I let it stew in the back of my head. The solution usually comes to me in the least likely of places after simmering for a while, quite often in the morning in bed after I’ve hit snooze and I’m only half awake. It’s like my brain has to sort out the best way to accomplish what it needs to do and my conscious mind isn’t really involved. Then once I have the structure in place, my consciousness takes over and gets it done.

Since I wasn’t planning on writing about this, my brain hasn’t really sorted out what I want to say,

so I thought it best to get the general ideas down and leave it to stew for a week, then punch it up next Sunday.

On to some music. I may have mentioned that I have a writing playlist. Patterns Of a Diamond Ceiling by Marnie Stern is the first song I put on it. The song starts with somewhat of a strolling dialogue between the vocals and the guitar, filled with odd noises. Then the guitar sounds get layered as the tension is building, finally resonating into an all out aggressive jam (plus Zach Hill plays drums and he does inhuman things on a drum set. Check out Hella if you don’t believe me). This is what I listened to as I wrote the first two chapters of Times of Abel.

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