Time Flies

For some reason, this month has gone by really quickly. How come the warm months go by faster? I really just want this warmth to last forever. Knowing that it won't, I at least hope that this summer is really hot. I'd love to feel thankful once the fall arrives and it starts cooling off.... Continue Reading →

A Message from our Sponsor

With all the horrible things that have been happening to my characters lately, it's reminded me of all the horrible things that happen to real people. A lot of people out there could really use a hand, but I know it's not that easy to help all the time. There are a lot of people... Continue Reading →

Round 2

I'm kind of obsessing over what I'm working on right now. I finished up yesterday and went home, but tried to take a nap later in the afternoon. I couldn't sleep though because the story was just running through my head. I got up and worked for another hour or so. And now, since it's... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Hangover

I'm back at my normal Sunday hangout. I'm drinking my Sumatra. Time to get the cobwebs out. This woman I went to school with once told me that the French have a saying that translates to, "Pushing against a truck." I had other people tell me I was misinformed when I said that so maybe... Continue Reading →


Formula for literary success: use "Implacable" in your book. Seriously, every book I've read lately seems to use that word. It was in The Magus, American Gods, We are Water and 1Q84. And yes, I am using it specifically because I find that odd and entertaining.

Reward increases and stuff

So today is mother's day. And I'm on call. So basically I have a limited amount of time I can work and I can't go too far from home. I'm at McDonald's because it's one of the only places in town that has wifi and isn't packed (not a lot of options in a town... Continue Reading →

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