Happy Birthday Hangover

I’m back at my normal Sunday hangout. I’m drinking my Sumatra. Time to get the cobwebs out.

This woman I went to school with once told me that the French have a saying that translates to, “Pushing against a truck.” I had other people tell me I was misinformed when I said that so maybe it was just her group of friends in France. It was generally used to describe the morning. This morning I kind of feel like that. I got a good night’s sleep. I should be ready to go.

Maybe it was the junk food I ate last night for my daughter’s birthday. It was pretty cool, we watched the sun set over Georgian Bay while eating ice cream cake with some of her friends. I attached a picture.

I’m in the mood to listen to Smile by Amanda Palmer today, so I’m going to throw that on, pop in my headphones and see if I can get out from in front of this truck.

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