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With all the horrible things that have been happening to my characters lately, it’s reminded me of all the horrible things that happen to real people. A lot of people out there could really use a hand, but I know it’s not that easy to help all the time. There are a lot of people who give money and a lot of people give time to help others and that’s great, but for some people, time and money are not as abundant as it is for others. Not all of us can help in that way, but hopefully, we all have something we can do to help someone in some way.

If you’re lucky enough to not be one of the people the horrible things are happening to, please go out and help someone else. Hell, even if horrible things are happening to you, a great way to get outside those things running through your head is to focus on doing something for someone else. For me personally, I don’t have much time or money to give, so I try and look at the things I have enough of, basically hair and blood. I can only donate hair every 18 months at most because that’s how long it takes to grow out long enough to donate. And well, having hair is a pain, so I don’t do it consistently. And sadly, the grey is starting to take over and I’m not sure how much longer they’ll want my hair. Blood, on the other hand, I have in great supply. And it seems as though, no matter how much I give away, it comes back on its own.

So if you’re like me and want to help, but don’t have much excess time, energy, or money, go give some blood. You get to have a little rest on a nice comfy chair and not do anything for a half hour or so (the actual donation only takes about 6 minutes or so) and then they give you cookies! So yeah, if you have blood to spare and can make it out, go donate (or ya know, do something else to help).

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