The Brainery

So, I don't know if anyone actually noticed but I didn't update last week. Well, to be honest, I did update, but my blog ate my post. So I apologize if anyone had been waiting all week to read my weekly updated and was not able to. Today, I'm typing it all out in Notepad... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday

Happy Friday my friends. It's my on-call week at work again this weekend, so hopefully no one feels the need to call me toady. I actually feel a little intimidated about writing this week. I'm starting the build to the end and I feel a lot of pressure about that. I'm not 100% sure what... Continue Reading →

A Day to Edit

I'm just about to jump into the beginning of the ending of the story and I figured that I should probably clean up a few sections before really jumping into everything that's about to happen. I'm betting that the edits I make today will push me over the 60,000 word mark, so I figure I... Continue Reading →

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