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So, I don’t know if anyone actually noticed but I didn’t update last week. Well, to be honest, I did update, but my blog ate my post. So I apologize if anyone had been waiting all week to read my weekly updated and was not able to. Today, I’m typing it all out in Notepad ++ first and then I’ll paste it in just in case.

What I was going to tell everyone is that I’ve signed up to take a speculative fiction focused Novel writing workshop at The Brainery. It’s run by a woman who goes by the name Dr. Jilly Dreadful, who has her Ph.D. in lit from USC. She’s been doing Short Story workshops for about a year now and over 50% of her students have had a story legitimately published after the class. There’s actually a woman who is now in the Novel class who took a Short Story class when she had just started writing who had her first story ever published. Those are the kind of odds I’d like for my first novel.

I was made aware of the course by a friend of mine who I went to University with. She got her Masters at Iowa and is just brilliant in general, so I have a feeling that this Dr. Dreadful is top notch.

We had our first class last night, which was more or less a get to know everyone and lay out how out criticisms and the such will work since this is all on line. So far so good though. The only hard part is that I’m basically going to be reading a novel every two weeks and making my own comments and notes on them which I suspect will be time consuming, but they’re all going to do it for me, so I’ll just shut up and be thankful.

That’s all I got. I think I’ll jump in and get some writing done.

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