So last night was my workshop critique session for my class and I have to say it was really helpful. More than anything else, it reinforced what I already knew, but gave me a lot of ideas about what I can improve upon and how to do it. More than anything else, I have this... Continue Reading →


This is a zebra. She is here for no particular reason. It's been a week since my chapters were submitted for my class to critique and there's one more week until our next class where they get to talk me through all the commentary. I checked the class portal and there are already a good... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was the day Time of Abel went up for review for the workshop that I'm taking. That means that in the next two weeks, 5 people will be reading what I have so far and finding all the problems with it. Which is kind of terrifying, but should be helpful and productive in the... Continue Reading →

The Meat

I'm getting into the end meat of the story right now and it's an odd feeling. I've known where things were going since I started (in fact, I have the last paragraph already written), but it's always been something that was so far off. Now that I'm here, it's really weird. Luckily, with the class... Continue Reading →

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