So last night was my workshop critique session for my class and I have to say it was really helpful. More than anything else, it reinforced what I already knew, but gave me a lot of ideas about what I can improve upon and how to do it.

More than anything else, I have this whole world in my head and various aspects of it have been swirling around up there for over a decade, so I forget what parts I’ve explained on the page and what parts I’ve just glossed over (or missed completely).

Secondly, I tend towards exposition to explain things rather than revealing the backgrounds and histories through action. I realize that this is because, often times, I’m just trying to get stuff down before I forget what I wanted to do. Lastly, my intended ending doesn’t necessarily fit with my theme, so I have to rework that (which won’t be too hard since I haven’t written it yet).
So my course of action going forward is to continue as is until I get the end written. I’m still confident I’ll have that done by the end of September at the latest. Then it’s hardcore editing time.

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