Yesterday was the day Time of Abel went up for review for the workshop that I’m taking. That means that in the next two weeks, 5 people will be reading what I have so far and finding all the problems with it. Which is kind of terrifying, but should be helpful and productive in the end.

The class did the first review workshop last night. The book was really damn good. I can honestly say I’ll buy it once it’s published and I’m pretty damn sure it will be. It appears that the author (her name is Georgina Kamsika, look her up) has already published some other stuff, so I’ll look into some of that.

That being said, the criticism was pretty hardcore. One of the other students was just so damn smart and had feedback for everything. And good feedback. I found myself thinking, “wow, maybe the rest of the class didn’t enjoy the book as much as I did” but at the end, everyone threw in all their praise. So now I feel prepared for our next class when everyone will slam my book. Hopefully, they will also like it as well. But yeah, following something that good is intimidating.
Another assignment for presenting our work was to create a cover for our books. Let me tell you the amount of stress that I had over that. I probably put together 6 different covers over the last week, finally just settling on the one shown on this post.

Long story short, in two weeks, my post is likely going to be my response to the critique I get in our next class.

Today I’m listening to Evelyn Evelyn, a band composed of two conjoined twins with the same name. Or at least that’s the concept. I’m also trying to work from home because I slept in and I have to mow my lawn later, so I’m conserving time by not adding the 30 minutes of driving to and from my usual writing hangout.

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