This is a zebra. She is here for no particular reason. It’s been a week since my chapters were submitted for my class to critique and there’s one more week until our next class where they get to talk me through all the commentary.

I checked the class portal and there are already a good amount of comments, so it looks like I’ll have some work to do next Sunday. Which is a good thing. Insofar as this week goes, I’ve got some organization to do and some decisions to make. I’m not sure if I want to just write it until I get it sorted or make the decisions before hand. What this all boils down to is that it’s a little intimidating to write an ending that I have a basic idea about for almost 2 years. Choosing the wrong details feels like such an opportunity to screw things up. What I need to keep in mind is that I can always edit later if things come out wrong the first time. Obviously, my goal is to make it as good as I can. So I suppose I should stop making this post and just get to the writing.

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