Something Just Doesn’t Fit

When I was 13 or 14, my older sister would pick me up from school and we'd go over to her best friend's house and watch Jem and the Holograms (among other activities). I've been thinking a lot about that year lately as part of developing Abel a little more in the story. I'm adding... Continue Reading →

The Big Update

I'm doing some editing work (mostly organization) from home today. I threw my back out and getting in and out of the car hurts. I took the week off from the gym because I'm on call this week and don't have a bunch of time. I've also been working on re-flooring my daughter's room which... Continue Reading →

Box of Trolls

Well, it looks like I missed my goal of finishing by the end of September. I'm really damn close. I mostly just have to tie up all the loose ends. I started writing this story two years ago. A lot of the ideas and plot points have changed in the almost 70,000 words that I've... Continue Reading →

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