It’s the caffeine I can do without

My new ritual on Sunday is to get an espresso shot sized cup of coffee and then some tea based drink. It gives me a nice solid morning coffee without making me all jittery. It’s been kind of nice. Maybe I just like the cute little cup.

Editing is terrifying. I’m really resisting doing things because I don’t want to screw them up, but I know that I can always just go back and undo things. It’s just a matter making sure my brain convinces my anxiety of that. Going over things, I pretty sure I wrote the first draft as though it was a comic.

I have a lot of physical description as though I was telling someone how to draw things. As well, the point of view jumps around because in comics, generally, no one is narrating. You just see what’s going on. Or maybe I’m over simplifying comics. Whatever the case may be, I have a good idea of what I need to strengthen in my editing.

I got a bunch of administrative editing done last week. I’ve sorted out who the POV should follow in the various chapters. I’ve also marked the chapters I can combine. Today I’m going to go over my notes that I’ve made in the last several months regarding how I’m going to rearrange the start of the book as well as play with the timing of certain events in order to strengthen the individual stories of a few of the characters and their journeys.

I went out last night to a friend’s house-warming party in down town Toronto (which is a couple hours’ drive from my place). I think I finally got home and in bed around 3 AM and for some reason work up around 8:30 (likely force of habit), so hopefully I’ll have some brains left to get some good work done today.

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