Something Just Doesn’t Fit

When I was 13 or 14, my older sister would pick me up from school and we’d go over to her best friend’s house and watch Jem and the Holograms (among other activities). I’ve been thinking a lot about that year lately as part of developing Abel a little more in the story. I’m adding some of his life before the “incident” and part of that includes school and hanging out after school. I don’t think Abel was watching Jem though. He’s just not that kid. I should also admit that while I was watching the show, I had a greater appreciation for the (other) Misfits than I did for Jem. Regardless, the show brings back a lot of memories.

So, of course, with the new Jem movie that came out with this month, I have some feels. And it’s weird. I have this like deep down urge to love this new movie even though I know it’s going to be horrible. I suspect it will be a pale revisiting of Josie and the Pussycats (which I actually think was great), but without the kitch or smartness that JatP had. Also, without Parker Posey (the world’s greatest actress).

But yeah, so I have this deep feeling that I should just love Jem and the Holograms.

Aside from that, I read the book and watched the movie Divergent a while back and they were pretty similar. I recently saw the second movie, but had not read the book. I’m really interested to know how the trilogy plays out, so I figured the second book and movie would be quite similar just like the first one. I was wrong. Apparently, everything is very different in the second book than the movie and now that I’m reading the third book, I’m only slightly confused. Also, LOTS of characters. I think I remember about half when their names pop up. Most I’ll have figured out once we get some context, but yeah, just couldn’t keep track. Note to self, maybe I have too many characters.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I started watching Scream Queens yesterday and it’s all about this one sorority, its leader, and the new pledges. But all we’ve seen up to this point is the leader and her 3 minions as the actual members of the sorority. To me, that seems like too few characters. We need some more background people. The show is so well done though. It’s self-referential and trope-referential in a really fresh way. I can only imagine that the writers’ room on it is filled with a lot of brilliant people.

I’ve had my mini coffee and I’m working on my first London Fog of the morning. My brain is waking up and I think that means it’s time to dive back into my own writing to see who I can mess up the balance with my own characters.

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