Busy weekend

Yesterday I volunteered to mentor at Georgian College for the National Girls Learning Code Day. Basically, there were about 20 girls between the ages of 8 and 13 who showed up to learn about HTML and CSS for building their own websites. It was a long day, but it was fun. I fell in with a group of girls who, between the 3 of them, were obsessed with Minecraft, Portal, Dr Who (but not the sonic sunglasses), Sherlock, Star Wars, etc. They were humoured by my stories of my kid, Wes killing me over and over again in Portal 2 and laughing hysterically.

The really cool thing about the day was seeing a number of girls who really took to web design. They had the image in their heads and just needed the knowledge to get them on the page. They came up with some amazing design work. Some of them were much better than I am at design. It was so cool.

Last weekend was my first attempt at writing in my new home office. I’ve decided to alternate and do one week at home and one week out at Grounded (or some other place, but mostly Grounded). I’ve been paranoid about the rewriting process. Part of my next draft is changing most of the book to first person and it was really intimidating to get started.

I finally jumped in and started working on the original beginning (I’ve since added more chapters that happen before where I originally began). I have a tendency in my writing, especially in the earlier chapters, to just lay down the series of events in order to get them down on the page, but I’ve noticed that when writing in first person, I add the detail that should have been there in the first place. So I think that this draft will be stronger for the change in POV as well as the writing itself. I took one 72 word paragraph from last week and rewrote it as a 720 word group of paragraphs. I kind of laughed at myself, but I’m glad it’s going in that direction.

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