I Got an Office

So I finally set up a home office for myself and I’m going to see how it goes writing from home today. Generally, I can’t get anything accomplished at home because I end up getting distracted by other people in the house or pets or messes or whatever. But now? Now I have a door. And it closes. I still have some organizing to do and a bit of decorating, but all that aside, I think I can get some shit done in here.

On the music front, I’m getting all into Spotify. I haven’t tried out offline playlists, but I want to do that and see if I can get a good list for the gym since my gym doesn’t get cell service (which sucks). I’m really digging the easy with which I can check out albums by bands that I haven’t heard. The best thing though is being able to find albums that are old and out of print that people borrowed and never returned.

On the reading front, I just bought Rough Magick, which is a collection of short stories that has two authors, Jilly Dreadful and Kira Lees, that I know in it. It’s like $4 for Kindle and very worth it.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I recently finished The Night Circus, which I really enjoyed. I won’t say that it helped me grow as a person, but it was pretty and fun and frankly, that’s makes it a good read for me.

Okay, I had a cup of coffee to wake me up, now I’m going for a tea and I’ll get writing.

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