So Hard

Pretty much all my time and energy lately is going into trying not to see any Star Wars media. I want as little info as possible before I see it, but the world is conspiring against me.

I had to sign up for Spotify Premium for the month so I could avoid the ads they started playing. Every time I watch TV, a commercial will inevitably pop on, followed by me screaming and reaching for the remote to mute it. I have no doubt this is at least mildly entertaining to anyone who observes it.

Aside from that, I’m mostly just getting ready for the holidays. Not so much decorating, but more buying stuff.

I should start reading a new book this week, but I have no idea what at this point. Feel free to make any suggestions. I did start reading Locke and Key which is a comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. I finished the first graphic novel and I’ll likely get the next sooner or later. I also picked up Paper Girls #1 which is the new comic by Brian K Vaughan.

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