Back at Grounded

I haven't really been out writing in a couple months. Now that I have a home office, it just seems to be a time suck to actually go out and write. It's a good 40 minutes of driving when you consider getting there and getting home. And then it costs money to get stuff and... Continue Reading →


Today I started settling in for the actual rewriting. I think I have all the parts I wanted to add or change done, I just want to tighten up the prose now. 76000 words is a lot of prose though. I'm hoping that I learn how to go more quickly after doing it for a... Continue Reading →

Heck of a Month

This month has been pretty unfortunate so far. Along with the celebrity deaths, one of my friends almost died (he's in the ICU now and recovering well) and on the same day, another friend of ours got hit by a car (and is recovering well). These two people happen to be 2 of the 3... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

My schedule was a little wonky while I was off work. I wrote for four days and got a lot accomplished, but I forgot to post an update on Sunday. Oops. It's been a while since I made a substantial post, so I suppose today is the day to finally take some time and make... Continue Reading →

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