Back at Grounded

I haven’t really been out writing in a couple months. Now that I have a home office, it just seems to be a time suck to actually go out and write. It’s a good 40 minutes of driving when you consider getting there and getting home. And then it costs money to get stuff and as everyone knows, I’m cheap as hell. But, I really do like a good London Fog every now and again.

As well, they give me an espresso shot glass of really good coffee, which is the perfect amount to wake me up, but not so much to make me jittery.

So today, I’m once again here, at the back table, by the coffee roaster, sipping my London Fog and seeing how productive I can be with revising on only one small monitor.

Initially, writing here was really great. I was really good at getting in the groove. I think being physically apart from everything I generally worry about during the day is what makes going out more productive. When I’m at home, despite the closed door, I can still hear all the things going on in the house and it takes me out of my creative head. That being said, I’m concerned that editing will be a bit more difficult. At home, I throw up the original draft on one screen, my notes in the bottom corner of my bigger screen and my main Word window right in front. I don’t have that kind of real estate when I’m out. Just one small laptop screen. DAMN, I’m spoiled.

I’m interested to see how it goes today. Either way, the tea is good and I was really in the mood for that.

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