Heck of a Month

This month has been pretty unfortunate so far. Along with the celebrity deaths, one of my friends almost died (he’s in the ICU now and recovering well) and on the same day, another friend of ours got hit by a car (and is recovering well). These two people happen to be 2 of the 3 people I went to the premier of Star Wars with (the 3rd being the wife of the guy who almost died). I’m thinking for the next Star Wars movie, I go alone.

Also of note this January, I just turned 42, which was kind of a goal for me. I think I’m doing pretty well for 42, so I guess not everything has been bad.

Tomorrow I’m going for lunch with some old friends, one of whom is in town for the weekend. I thought that might be a good reason to get some writing done today. I don’t think I have much in terms of new insights or updates to make. I feel like I got a lot out last week in my update, so I’m not really sure if there’s anything new. Oh, I was asked by the local Comic/Gaming shop to help Judge a D&D adventure writing contest. I’m reading The Rise of Tiamat as a bit of research.

Last time I played D&D was just before my wife got sick. She was more or less out of commission for long enough that we never got the game going again once she was better. So yeah, I have to dive in a bit to get back up to speed.

That’s all I got. See ya next week.

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