Today I started settling in for the actual rewriting. I think I have all the parts I wanted to add or change done, I just want to tighten up the prose now. 76000 words is a lot of prose though. I’m hoping that I learn how to go more quickly after doing it for a while. I think it might actually take longer than when I wrote the chapters for the first time. Maybe I’ll start looking for opportunities to write more often to try and work through it all.

Aside from the D&D contest that I’ll be a judge for, I’ve also picked up some freelance-ish computer work this past week. I hope I’m not taking on too many things at once because I know if I do that, I’ll do all of them poorly.

Wow, my life is really uninteresting these days. I don’t have much to update about. I’m happy that TV is back after the holidays. There’s nothing I’m crazy about watching at the moment, but I like having mindless stuff to throw on the tv and zone out to in the evenings. I am excited about the new Lucifer series. I’m not sure if it’ll really be anything like the old Vertigo comic, but that was amazing. Also, uh, X-Files starts tonight, so that should be great. Or it better be great or I’ll cry.

Have a good week and I’ll talk to you next Sunday!

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