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So, I completely ignored all my writing responsibilities last weekend. I didn’t even look at anything. I have a good excuse though. I had this panic response to layoffs at work and applied for another position at my company. I personally feel like it was a bit beyond my skillset, but they seemed to like me in the first and second interviews, so they gave me a code assignment to do over last weekend. I did most of it on Friday (I took the day off), but I spent Sunday touching it up. So no writing of story got done. I did get to learn php CodeIgniter though and that was pretty cool.

That all being said, I don’t have a lot of updates. I started reading Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, which I’m enjoying. One of the more unique nuances of the story is that one of the races doesn’t really acknowledge gender at all, so the main character uses feminine pronouns for everyone as that’s all there is for her language. She gets stressed out when using other languages when she has to make gender determinations.

It was really interesting to have even very stereotypical male characters be referred to with feminine pronouns. It’s very perspective shifting. It’s kind of similar to Written On the Body by Jeanette Winterson in that regard, where you make unconscious assumptions about a character and then realize later that your assumption was baseless. Kind of neat.

I also added New Romancer (get it, like Neuromancer but different) to my comic pull list, although I haven’t read it yet. That was a suggestion by one of the women from my writing course this past summer, so I assume it’s good. The latest issue of Bitch Planet was also really good. The art felt old comicy (I made that word up I think). I really wanted it to be on the old school newsprint type paper that comics used to be printed on.

Today I think I might get to some of the fight scenes in my revising. I’m interested to see how I can tighten it up as I think the perspective shifting is a bit all over the place. I suppose I’ll report back next week and hopefully, it will have gone well.

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