Sailing an omelette of cheese

I’m really in the mood to take a day off from work and just work on the book all day. I really appreciate my Sundays but I generally on take a couple hours since I have the rest of my day that has other stuff to do. I do feel like I’m accomplishing stuff and it’s going more quickly than the original writing, but even if I move through it twice as fast, I still don’t want it to take a year. I’m impatient.

What I find funny though is that I have no idea what I should do once it’s done. Do I still keep my Sunday writing schedule? What do I work on if I do? Should I move into a sequel? Should I work on some new project? Should I take some time off from working on anything and appreciate what I accomplished?

On one hand, I think it’s kind of silly to worry about all this since I’m not there yet, so why worry. On the other hand, if I don’t, then when I get there I won’t know what to do and I’ll likely have some sort of existential crisis.

Speaking of existential crises, it’s just about time for me to pick a new book to read. I think I have a relatively good list. It’s just a matter of picking something off that list. The last book I finished was Prodigal Summer and it was really good. Oh, that’s not true, I just finished Star Wars: Aftermath, which came out after The Force Awakens and starts a trilogy of books that takes place between the two. It doesn’t really have much to do with any of the characters in the movie but seems to be more about what happens to the Empire.

The story was pretty solid and I liked the characters, but some of the terminology really got on my nerves. I mean, they actually said, “space diapers.” There is no need to add ‘space’ to ‘diapers’ ever. So yeah, that was kind of harsh. And it bummed me out because I got to be in a round table discussion with Chuck Wendig (the author) a few months ago and I expected it to be better than that. Granted, I have no idea what his direction was when accepting the job of writing Star Wars canon.

On the comics front, Paper Girls keeps being really good. Brian K. Vaughan really turns out good stuff. I think it’s great that he’s still doing Saga and added this. Two BKV comics a month is fantastic. I also started reading Klaus by Grant Morrison, which is a very Grant Morrison backstory on Santa with violence, drugs, and magic. Also, it’s all about Yule and doesn’t mention Christianity at all. Which makes sense.

That’s all for this week. Be here next week where I squee all about Walking Dead coming back on. See you in 7.

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