Bunny Head Yoga

I don’t have anything interesting to say, so here is a picture of a small child with a bunny on his head. This is the ancient practice of bunny head yoga, known only to the enlightened few.
I just started my new role at work and I’ve been really focused on that this week. My new job has to do with SalesForce development and I have to admit that there are a lot of cool concepts with what I’m working on that I’d really like to incorporate into my writing, although, probably not on this book.

SalesForce all works within its own framework, so, for instance, all the coding is done in Apex (their own Java-esque programming language) as opposed to straight Java. And the testing is built into the framework. Even adding additional pages and objects. It’s this all encompassing framework where everything is built to work together.

From a functional level, it’s amazing. From a Times of Abel level, it’s a Stack. It’s a framework that we’ve all accepted to work within. What happens when we look outside the framework? What are the impossible things we can do, that the framework just wasn’t set up to do? I’m just going to toss around those concepts for a few months and see what happens.

I should really just get to work right now. I left off last week on a chapter that I had more framed than written out in the initial draft. I basically need to get in the correct headspace and rewrite the whole chapter properly. Oddly, that’s really intimidating to me even though I’ve written out all the other chapters without too much difficulty. That being said, I was inspired this morning by, Jilly Dreadful, the Professor from my Novel Workshop this past fall and I think I’m going to burn that oil and see what comes out.

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