So I missed working on editing last week because of my wife’s birthday, which I think is fair, but I’m looking forward to getting some stuff done today. Which I know is a day early since I usually do this on Sunday morning, but I have some down time today between other things, so I might as well get moving.

I just finished reading Ancillary Justice, which I really enjoyed. It was unique in that one of the devices used in the story is that the culture of the main civilization in the story doesn’t recognize gender as a primary way of identifying people. As well, they always use feminine descriptors (i.e. she, her, daughter). The main character had previously been part of a collective of humans connected to the AI of a ship, and thus not too keyed into human interactions. When she is interacting with other cultures and using other languages, she gets stressed out over using the correct pronouns for people.

I’ve read other books like Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body where gender is played with, but this was really a very new perspective for me. I found that many of the characters challenged my base assumptions about gender. It was cool. I don’t think the author, Anne Leckie, has any other novels yet, but I look forward to the next one assuming there will be one.

I don’t think I have anything new or interesting going on on the music front, although I might be going to see Sloan in Barrie. Even before I lived in Canada I was a Sloan fan, but somehow never managed to actually see them live. I probably haven’t bought an album in years, but I really enjoy their first few albums as well as a bunch of singles over the years. I’ve I manage to get off my butt and go, I expect I’ll have a good time.

Probably the most important thing right now is that today is the last day where the high is below 0 (c). Spring is on the way and I’m ready for some heat.

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