My wife gave me some flowers the other day and put them on my desk. Now my desk looks all nice and pretty.

I spent all day yesterday reading the D&D adventures that I’ll be helping judge for the contest at the local comic shop here in town. For a town of 2000 people, we still got 7 entries and I think that’s pretty impressive. I’m glad I agreed to help. It was a fun contest and a cool way to meet some of the other people at the shop. The contests official end is still a couple weeks away, so there’s still a little bit of presentation and such left to go. I look forward to seeing some people play some of the entries.

I have a stack of comics that I haven’t gotten around to reading in the last couple weeks. I have the #5 Locke and Key trade, the latest Walking Dead, Deadly Class and Pretty Deadly just waiting for me to have time. I’m not sure when that’ll happen. I kind of feel like the mess that is my desk is preventing me from getting anything done. Hopefully, that will be all cleared up on Monday when I go get my taxes done. Good times.

Insofar as the editing is going, I think I’m actually at the hardest part. I have a part that is told as a flashback and I want to instead make it one character relating it to another. I think it keeps the POV more consistent. In doing that though, I have to completely rewrite it as dialogue and add reactions. That takes a lot of work, which is fine. The other issue is that I have a very distinct change in behaviour for one of the characters and I need to find a good reason for it. I need to justify the change and not have it be completely cliche. That is a bit harder. I think I cut corners on the first draft and that annoys me because it basically means that I just didn’t want to do the hard work.

And I know why I’d do that. It’s because I can’t just write it, I need to think it out first. When I have one day set aside to write, using it to think instead feels like a waste. That’s what I’m feeling now. Do I sit here and try to hash it out or do I just skip this chapter and keep on editing during my writing time, then do all the thinking throughout the next week?
Generally, I do my best thinking when I’m not thinking about something. That’s true for both fiction and application development.

Taking a step back just seems to work for me. But I really hate the idea of skipping over something. I’ll sort it out sooner or later. What I really don’t want to do is spend all my time thinking about that decision rather than either writing or thinking about the issue itself.

On the reading side of my life, I decided to read the second book in the Ann Leckie Ancillary series, Ancillary Sword. I really liked the first one, so I should probably just bang through all 3 and get it done with.

On the watching side of things, The 100 is really doing some good work. I’m impressed and enjoying this season quite a bit. Daredevil season 2 was solid and a good follow-up to season 1. I’m going to get moving on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 this evening. I’m still pissed about the Walking Dead finale and haven’t had any interest in watching Fear the Walking dead yet this season. Game of Thrones comes on next weekend anyway, so maybe I’ll just save it for the fall. I’ve really not been that interested in TV lately. I’ve just had other stuff to do (and I like that).

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