Part 1 Done

Last weekend I finished editing part 1 of the book. I added three chapters and combined a tonne of chapters. Even with the three new chapters, I am down to 15 from the original 19 in the first draft.

I’m really hoping that the editing goes in the same way that the writing did. It took me a year to write the first part of the book and less than a year to write the other two parts. If I can move forward in a similar fashion with the editing, I should have the other two parts edited before September. That’s the goal anyway.

The D&D adventure writing contest that I am a judge for has officially entered the reading stage. There are only 7 entries and we have until the end of the month to finish reading and rating, so it shouldn’t be too hectic. It’s nice that I have these to read because all my other reading sources have been really dry.

Only 1 comic that I read has come out in the last two weeks and I finished my audible book on the 14th of March and I don’t get my new one until the 8th.

I don’t think my writing playlist has changed at all in the last month. Nothing new on the music front. I’ve enjoyed writing to GodSpeed You! Black Emperor lately. Maybe I’ll go with just them today.

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