Pan Rant (also spoilers)

I don't think I've done much blog ranting about pretty much anything. I've tried to focus my updates around the things that are inspiring me for writing and leave it at that. Today we're going to change gears a little. I believe I've mentioned it at some point, but the original idea for the Litum... Continue Reading →


I finally finished the Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie last week (that's the Lord of the Radch in the picture). I say that like it took a long time, but I actually just banged out all three, one right after another over the last 2 months. I really enjoyed the series, but I feel... Continue Reading →

Time, I Need More Time

I was just working on a blog post and wrote way more than I was planning. I have this work thing that is going on this weekend. I'm trying to get all these things done and get my writing worked on today too and I'm running out of time. I can't think of anything really... Continue Reading →

Gimme Some Sugar

The worst thing about writing from my office as opposed to out in the world is that I never have good stuff to take pictures of for these posts. Luckily, I saw this at the grocery store last night. I haven't seen Pixy Stix in so long. I don't know if they're still common in... Continue Reading →

Clowning Around

Sorry I missed last week. I took my kid to a prop festival last Friday and Saturday and was more or less wrecked on Sunday. Since I did miss last Sunday though, I'm going to do a quick update and get to the writing. The D&D Adventure Writing Contest ended yesterday. It was a tonne... Continue Reading →

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