Time, I Need More Time

I was just working on a blog post and wrote way more than I was planning. I have this work thing that is going on this weekend. I’m trying to get all these things done and get my writing worked on today too and I’m running out of time.

I can’t think of anything really relevant or interesting going on. I’m still reading the same thing I was reading last week. I haven’t touched any comics in the last week. I’ve been obsessing over Lorde lately, which I find really interesting because she’s not the style of musician I’m usually into at all, but I think she’s just really good.

Sunny and I recently started doing Yoga and I’m enjoying that. I used to really love Yoga, but I fell out of the habit many years ago. And then when I went back to it, I hurt my feet, which is still a problem 2 years later. I’ve been really focused on not hurting myself during Yoga, which sounds really dumb but I want to keep doing it even if that means taping my feet every time and not doing certain poses that hurt me.

Wow, that was weird, I never talk about health in here, generally, just inspiration. Maybe a little zen helps the writing process?

I don’t think I have anything else really interesting to say this week. I’ll try and finish reading my book in the next week, so I can start something new and I promise to get caught up on comics.

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