I’ve been thinking

I don’t have a tonne going on in my life that’s relevant to my book aside from writing it. I only read a book every month or so and I read the same comics every month.

I’ve been having an issue coming up with things to say in my posts every week and I spend an hour of my writing time figuring out what to say and what pic to post here rather than writing.

So instead, I think I’m going to focus on the writing and only make a post when I have something interesting to say. If any of you have been particularly enjoying my posts every week, let me know and I’ll continue to make them. Otherwise, I want to bust through my edits and get my second draft completed so I can workshop it again.

On that note, I read Molly Crabapple’s book Drawing Blood (well, I’m not quite done yet) and I really think it perfectly illustrates the challenges that women face in so many (if not all) fields. It’s certainly not something I’ve been blind to, but the book really gets to the heart of it very well. In the book, Crabapple talks about Kim Boekbinder and while I was checking her out, I found a link to She Makes War, which is my new music for the week.

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