Taking time where I can make it

I keep roping myself into activities every weekend and having limited time to write/edit, but I’m getting in the time that I can. That being said, I haven’t made a post lately. I have some time now to do that though (not awake enough to do any productive writing).

The topics I wanted to mention were She Makes War, Penny Dreadful, and a short story I want to write. I wanted to throw that out there before I forget one.

So first, She Makes War. Google, listen. I’ve been listening to her nonstop for the past two weeks.

I’m going to be as brief as I can in my Penny Dreadful rant. Skip this paragraph if you haven’t watched through the end of the season. They basically just ruined everything that made the show good. In the end, Eva Green is too weak to save herself and in fact too weak to be saved, so Ethan has to do it for her. Which he can do because he was recently able to save himself. So the amazing strong character who kicks all the ass is too weak in the end. Lily, the character who has struggled to take back the power she never had in her life, ends up begging to be set free and loses all her power. And then we end the show with Malcolm, Frankenstein, and Ethen being the focus and all hanging out together wondering how to move on, completely ignoring the two new female characters who were introduced this season who were pretty damn cool. It was a total let down.

That being said, Game Of Thrones is finally giving some of the power back to its women. I haven’t processed the last episode all the way though, so I’ll leave it at that.

Insofar as the short story goes, it was actually going to be the first novel I wrote, but the World War Z movie came out and it had a similar theme, so I jumped to this idea instead.

But, I’ve been feeling the pull back to it lately, so I might write it as a short story and see how it works. The premise is your basic zombie apocalypse, but like many animals, the zombies don’t want to eat “sick” brains. This story takes place in the psych ward of a hospital, where the patients are basically safe from the zombies and the staff is not so safe. The challenge, of course, is writing characters with mental illness in a way that isn’t offensive.

I’m thinking I might write it from the perspective of a doctor or nurse or someone on the staff. I don’t know. I’m not sure I’ll start it before I’m done with this book. I’d really like to finish this edit and start sending it out before I take on a new project. We’ll see how it goes.

Next Sunday is Toronto Pride and I’m going to march in the parade, so I may not get any writing done on Sunday. It is a long weekend though (Canada day is Friday for the Americans in the room), so I have an extra day to hopefully work on the story.

Either way, I’ll have a nice weekend and YOU have a nice weekend and I’ll catch up with you sooner or later.

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