Art Weekend

Most of this weekend was about my dear and lovely wife, Sunny's, first Art show opening. We spent all day Friday putting it up. I think we obsessively planned because everything came together pretty quickly. The event itself was such a good time. Jim, a chef that works with the venue, made an 8-foot tall... Continue Reading →


I had a sleep study last night. They called me at 8:00 PM and asked if I could come in. My appointment had been scheduled for the 20th, but apparently, someone didn't show up last night so they called me. I figured it was better to get it done on a Saturday night than during... Continue Reading →


As I mentioned last week, I've been dipping my toes into Flash Fiction a little. I had written my first piece last month and thought I'd send it out. I got a pretty quick rejection on it, which was really helpful. Looking back now, it was pretty obvious that I tried to write it like... Continue Reading →

Will You Be My Friend?

The biggest problem I'm having with this new website is that it's SO easy to touch it up a little here and there and not get any writing done. What's funny is that I'm not even making it look different, I'm just finding ways to make it look the same, but in a better way... Continue Reading →

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