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Art Weekend

September 24, 2017

Most of this weekend was about my dear and lovely wife, Sunny‘s, first Art show opening. We spent all day Friday putting it up. I think we obsessively planned because everything came together pretty quickly. The event itself was such a good time. Jim, a chef that works with the venue, made an 8-foot tall tower filled with deconstructed cheesecakes inside chocolate covered strawberries. A few of the people there had some really beautiful emotional reactions to the work. We met someone that we had mostly just known online and she showed up with a tattoo of a piece of Sunny’s work on her arm. It was wild.
Last night I started working on a story that was originally going to be my first novel. When I was initially getting the story all mapped out, a movie came out that had a couple similarities and I decided to switch to a different project (thus Times of Abel was born). But, while I’m currently working on getting a literary agent, I’m finding a bit of space to work on a number of projects that I left by the side of the road for one reason or another.

The only other interesting thing for me this week is that an artist I started following on Twitter created a new twitter bot called @tenderdnd,

which is so damn wonderful. Basically, you tweet at the account and if you use the word NPC or character, it replies with a tender D&D character. If you use the word party, it gives you a party of three tender D&D characters and if you use the word queer, it gives you a queer tender D&D character. This is my most recent party that I asked for, “Wells, the half-orc cleric and tailor, Melissa, the elf rogue from a family of librarians, and Abe, the elf paladin.”
The artist’s name is Shing Yin Khor. I also signed up to support her Patreon, because this is pretty much my favourite thing this whole year.
I’d post about the new issue of America by Gabby Rivera, but I haven’t found the time to read it yet. I’m so bad at being a comic book fan. Really bad in fact because I was thinking about going to the Barrie Comic Con this weekend and I ate pancakes instead.

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