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I mentioned last week that I was going to give Scrivener a trial run. Well, I fell horribly in love with it instantly. I imported TIMES OF ABEL into it and organized it by part and chapter. I went through some of the notes I took at the Kelley Armstrong workshop and made a couple small changes. I was hooked.
One night last week while I was watching TV with my dear and lovely wife, I had an idea about a new novel. It’s new direction for me (no, I won’t be less vague right now) and the idea was a bit overwhelming. I decided to play around with it in Scrivener. I outlined the plot, created character sketches, wrote some notes on the various settings, and added some notes around other thoughts and ideas I might want to incorporate. It’s all in one place and easily referencable. I am swooning.
The next logical step for me was to sign up for NaNoWriMo because that starts on Wednesday and I don’t have a tonne of free time coming up anytime soon. I figure, TOA only took me two years to finish the first draft, one month seems reasonable for my second novel. Last night when I signed up, I felt like puking. I’m fairly humoured by the whole thing at the same time though.

It should give me a good opportunity to take a mental breather from trying to sell TOA as well as give me a little space from the short story I finished last week, which I’ll need before putting it through the edit machine.
I’ve gotten a few chapters into Kelley Armstrong’s The Masked Truth. I don’t do much reading from physical books these days, so finding the time when I actually have the book with me is hard. I had an MRI on Friday (for my stupid ankle) and I took it with me to read in the waiting room. That worked well. I’ll get there slowly but surely.
I have taken to reading poetry some days before I start writing. If I’m just not in the right headspace, it helps me get out of my own head and concentrate. I mostly read the collection How to Break My Neck by Jessica L. Walsh. I’ve known Walsh since college and it’s inspiring to see a published book by someone I actually know. Also, it’s damn good.
On an extremely important note, I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

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