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Yesterday I met up with Twisted Sister for a Brian Henry workshop in Oakville featuring Kelley Armstrong. Armstrong is a former Programmer from Ontario who has 32 published books and a couple graphic novels. As well, one of her series was adapted into a TV show. As a current software developer who is working on getting published, she’s pretty inspirational to me.
I’ve read 4 of her books, all from different series because I wanted to get a broad familiarity with her writing. From what I read, I prefer her newer writing and I prefer her YA stuff. Granted, I’m currently reading Omens which is Adult and I’m really enjoying it. I also picked up a copy of The Masked Truth at the workshop (which I got signed) and I hear that one is amazing. Now I just need time to read it.

The focused of her talk was Act 2, which I found really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone cover that as a topic. She did a very long Q&A which was fascinating. The biggest problem with workshops is that I now feel compelled to go back through my completed manuscript and check all the recommendations she made to see what I can improve.
One of the questions she answered was around software that she recommends for writing and she brought up Scrivener . I feel a bit out of it, but I had never actually checked it out before. It’s basically a text editor for writers that is built around structure and notation. I took a brief tour of it this morning and I’m in awe of how well designed it is. I’ve rarely seen a piece of software designed around a specific purpose that was built so accurately. Every time I was like, Oh, I hope it can do X, it did.
The only thing it didn’t do was back up to the cloud automatically. If this thing was a web app, it would be perfect. I get that storage is a concern from the dev side and a 1-time payment for the app is just plain easy and affordable, but in a perfect world. . . Obviously, you can put your save folder in a google drive or Dropbox or whatever, so no harm no foul. The license is also a family license so you can install on multiple machines.
Overall A+. I’m going to use the trial version and if all goes well, I’ll put the $40 into my budget for next month.

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