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Last night, kid number two and 3 of his friends participated in the Extra Life fundraiser. It was a 25-hour gaming marathon. They streamed the whole thing on Twitch. Apparently, it was a 27Gb file when all was said and done. The kids left this morning just after 8 and my kid passed the heck out. I slept from midnight until 4 AM, but I am up for the day. I’m tired though, so this is going to be a short update.
In other news, Nation Novel Writer’s Month (aka NaNoWriMo) started (50,000 words in 30 days). This is my first year participating. I was able to stay on track for the first two days but had nothing left Friday night after getting the house ready for all the gamer kids coming over.
I did whip out 3875 words in the last 24 hour though, which brings me up to date for Friday and yesterday plus a good 400 words into today. I’m starting to think this is actually doable. Without a doubt, 7000 words is the most I’ve ever written in a 4-day time frame. My average for my first book was just over 1000 words per week. Granted, I only wrote one day per week.
I’ve been pretty solidly writing. My biggest challenge is research. On my first novel, that’s what I’d do the rest of the week when I wasn’t writing (ya know, along with work and life stuff). The second section of this novel takes place in early 1900s China. I’ll give you one guess how much I know about China during this time period. If worse comes to worst, I’ll just be horribly inaccurate and fix it next month.
If I don’t check in next weekend, I apologize in advance. I promise it’s because I’m writing though.

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