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I’ve just started my two week holidays from work. I’ve got virtually nothing on my plate during those two weeks, so I really hope to get a lot of writing done. I’m having a heck of a time getting my head in the game today though. I wonder if knowing I have all this free time makes me feel like I have time to wait and write later? Whatever the reason, I thought I’d make a blog post and see if that gets the juices flowing.
The main reason I took two weeks off right for the holidays this year is that last year I ended up working during my whole vacation and it made me cranky. This year, I just booked these two weeks off right at the start of the year. I think next year I’ll take a couple weeks off in November instead and use them for NaNoWriMo instead. Trying to get 50k words written and work at the same time was just too much for me. That’ll also give other people some freedom with their own end of year time off.
So, I booked all this time off, but don’t have anything that I really need to do during these two weeks. Sunny is having some co-workers over on Tuesday for a work party type thing so I know that I’ll definitely be doing some cleaning today and tomorrow. I think I’m going to make Wes down to Toronto for the Solstice Parade through Kensington Market on Thursday night.

I received my Secret Satan gift yesterday. I got the Grendel Tales Omnibus vol 1. This is a comic I’d seen so many times in shops when I was younger but never picked up. I’m going to get through that in the next few days. I’m about to start The Fifth Season: The Broken Earth by N. K. Jemisin. I don’t know anything about this author, but one of my oldest and smartest friends recommended it to me, so I figured I should probably check it out. I’ve been spending too much time lately reading things as research more than just for fun, so this will be a nice change.
Oh, lastly, I saw The Last Jedi on Friday. I enjoyed it. I won’t say it was my favourite Star Wars movie, but it wasn’t my least favourite either. I definitely see a lot of MRAs getting all in a huff again about this one. Which will probably make me like it more. I feel like I need to watch it again. I’ll probably do that in the next couple days.

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