Okay Now, What Was I Doing?

NaNoWriMo is over and it was a crazy experience. As I said in my last post, this was my first year participating. I hadn’t been really sure what to expect because I generally only work on writing one a week. Trying to write every day was a bit more than I could manage. I ended the month writing just over 27,000 words and I’m proud of that. At the very least, it’s at least 4 times more than I’ve ever written in one month.
When writing every Sunday, I have a week to tumble the story around in my head before writing what happens next. Having to process that in less than 24 hours made pacing difficult. I had done a couple weeks of outlining before November started, so I think that was the only reason I was able to progress the story on the days when I was able to write. I’m probably about halfway through my story, which means that it’s not going to be as long as it should. Regardless I’ll need to do a lot of editing to get it into shape for sending out any queries or anything.
The novel I decided to write for NaNoWriMo is a romance novel. I had a flash where I had an idea that I thought would make a good romance novel, so I figured I could take a month to work on it and not be worried about that time. I find this funny because, in the novel I’m sending around right now, most of the characters are children, which I did specifically to not have any romance in the book. I was just sick of seeing romance everywhere and having to include romance as such an important relationship in people’s lives. I wanted to focus on non-romantic relationships. And now I’m writing a romance novel. . .

I picked up a Richelle Mead novel to help me figure out how Romance works as a genre because it’s not something I’ve really read. So I’m learning. I like my characters though and I’m having fun writing them.
In other news, I got a promotion at work.
That’s not all that exciting. We also had to put one of our dogs to sleep. He was getting pretty old and went downhill very quickly. I suppose that’s better than a long drawn out decline. It was hard though.
The last sort of interesting update from the month is that I finally got an MRI for my ankle that I injured in August of 2016. I tore my spring ligament and partially tore my deltoid ligament. No wonder it’s been a bit tender. I think it’s pretty funny that I walked in 3 parades in the past 12 months with torn ligaments. Oops.
I got an Aircast for my leg, which may or may not be helping. One thing is for sure though, it doesn’t work particularly well with the clutch in my car. That means Sunny and I have been sharing a car for a couple weeks now, which is unfortunate.

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