Impostor Syndroming

I’ve had one of those weeks where getting the story out has been hard. I know where it’s going, but everything is coming out choppy and disjointed. Yesterday I was rereading to try and get into a good writing headspace and the last chapter I got down was not great.

I was doing to beta reading for a friend and her flow was so natural. Usually, those things inspire me, but I’m just not getting my head in the right place to get moving. This might be the first time I’ve had this happen since I started my first novel. I’m about 40K words into my second, so I think that’s not half bad.

I actually wondered if I’d have one of these streaks and apparently, yes, yes I will. Just for fun, I’ll blame coffee, or more to the point, lack of coffee. I’ve had some low blood sugar issues lately and coffee seems to really accentuate it. So I’ve pretty well stopped drinking it and I’m not living in a fog. Oh coffee <3<3<3 how I miss you :'( Okay, enough self-indulgent whining. I saw the trailer for I Kill Giants this week and it looks amazing. I had not read the graphic novel (by Joe Kelly & JM Ken Nimura) yet, so I bought it right away. The trailer looks like a fantastic action movie featuring a young girl named Barbara who, ya know, kills giants. I’ll have you know, it is not that. It is a beautify story about life and death and a young girl named Barabara who kills giants. It’s an amazing read.

I’m currently reading The Fifth Season: The Broken Earth by N. K. Jemisin which is fantastic. There are three different narrators covering (what currently seem to be) three different stories. One of them is a second person narrator and it’s done really well.

I wish I had more time to read and write. But then, what writer doesn’t?

I think I’ve gotten my brain more or less warmed up this morning. There is some sun coming in my window. I have a good playlist going. Let’s see if I can get things done!

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