What is this website?

In September of 2014, I started writing my first novel. In March of 2015, I decided to blog about that experience. This website is all about that process.

What the heck is a Wild Rumpus and when is its day?

A number of years back, I watched the Where the Wild Things Are movie. They have a very fantastic Wild Rumpus in the movie. I decided there should be a Wild Rumpus day every year and April Fools Day would make a good day for it. So I thereby declared April 1st “Wild Rumpus Day”. As king, I command everyone to actively participate. Oh, and btw, everyone else is king too.

In an ideal Wild Rumpus, darkness and fire will be present, but any Wild Rumpus will do. Costumes are also expected in some manner, be it just dressing funny or dressing in an animal costume of some sort. Find some nowhere to get to and scream and yell and dance around and throw dirt balls and smash sticks and get dirty and all that stuff. Basically, whatever you want as long as it’s loud.

My spouse bought this domain name for me a few years back, so when I decided to put my blog at a new URL, this is the one I had available.

Something looks fishy here?

When I started this blog, it was on a different platform. In 2017 I built this website and copied all those posts over to WordPress. Sadly all the comments didn’t come with the posts.

Who are the people in all the pictures?

Mostly my family. I have a wife and 2 kids who are in most of them. My nieces are in a few. I might even be in one or two. Everything else should be indicated or obvious.

Who are you?

I have a whole page that’s all about me.

Tell me about this novel.

TIMES OF ABEL is a YA urban fantasy novel. I wrote the novel because I was tired of reading the same story about young white boys, who are not specifically talented or special, magically becoming the best at everything and saving the day. I was tired of reading the story where the completely competent female character needs to be saved by the, up to that point, incompetent white male protagonist. 

Thematically, TIMES OF ABEL has a strong focus on racial and gender issues that we explore through the titular characters sheltered perspective. The story begins following Abel, an upper middle class, white, 13-year-old boy, who thinks very highly of himself. When Abel finds that the people he thought were his parents are not human, he flees in fear. Abel is saved by a young girl who introduces him to the hidden war between the Litum and the Malakim and discovers that most of religious history has been re-written to make the angelic Malakim look like saviours rather than conquerors. Abel realizes that he has been a pawn in this war and his birth mother has been blackmailed into creating a weapon capable of tracking and killing the Litum. As Abel learns about the techniques the Litum use to do what he only sees as impossible, he resolves to help them in their war and save his mother. The question is, when this pampered boy tries to lead the charge in a war that he’s only recently become a spectator in, how bad disastrous will it be?

So is TIME OF ABEL getting published?

Not yet (but email me if you’re interested in publishing it). I’m still learning the process of submitting query letters to Literary Agents. I have no plans to self-publish. My goal was to write a story I wanted to read. I’ve done that. If an Agent thinks other people might enjoy it and gets it published, that’d be amazing, but it’s not the end all be all for me. I’m currently enjoying doing the actual writing. I took over a decade off because parenting is hard and exhausting. I’m overjoyed to have time to create again and I’m going to keep doing it.

Have you done any other writing?

I’m furiously working away on the sequel to TIMES OF ABEL, which is not surprisingly titled TIMES OF CAIN. I had never tried to publish anything prior to TIMES OF ABEL and I quickly realized that I should probably add some published work to my query letters. In April of 2018, I had the story Pavlov Dawning published by Contrary Literary Magazine. I had two short stories that were scheduled to be published at Twisted Sister Lit Mag as well as, but the publication is currently on hiatus. I have a few other short stories and flash fiction pieces that I have been sending out to one place or another.

Your spelling is weird.

I’m an American/Canadian dual citizen. Some words are spelled in American, some in Canadian. Hopefully, someday, an editor will yell at me and tell me to pick one or the other.

Do you have any idea what you’re doing?

No, not really.

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