Gimme Some Sugar

The worst thing about writing from my office as opposed to out in the world is that I never have good stuff to take pictures of for these posts. Luckily, I saw this at the grocery store last night. I haven't seen Pixy Stix in so long. I don't know if they're still common in... Continue Reading →

Clowning Around

Sorry I missed last week. I took my kid to a prop festival last Friday and Saturday and was more or less wrecked on Sunday. Since I did miss last Sunday though, I'm going to do a quick update and get to the writing. The D&D Adventure Writing Contest ended yesterday. It was a tonne... Continue Reading →


My wife gave me some flowers the other day and put them on my desk. Now my desk looks all nice and pretty. I spent all day yesterday reading the D&D adventures that I'll be helping judge for the contest at the local comic shop here in town. For a town of 2000 people, we... Continue Reading →

Part 1 Done

Last weekend I finished editing part 1 of the book. I added three chapters and combined a tonne of chapters. Even with the three new chapters, I am down to 15 from the original 19 in the first draft. I'm really hoping that the editing goes in the same way that the writing did. It... Continue Reading →

Bunny Head Yoga

I don't have anything interesting to say, so here is a picture of a small child with a bunny on his head. This is the ancient practice of bunny head yoga, known only to the enlightened few. I just started my new role at work and I've been really focused on that this week. My... Continue Reading →

The Moon

Sorry I missed last week. I went on a bit of a crazy 7 hour each way road trip to Michigan last weekend to see friends and a ballet. I didn't have a lot of spare time to do anything but drive on Sunday. That being said, it was inspiring. Both seeing the show, but... Continue Reading →


So I missed working on editing last week because of my wife's birthday, which I think is fair, but I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done today. Which I know is a day early since I usually do this on Sunday morning, but I have some down time today between other things, so I... Continue Reading →

BAD Blake

So, I completely ignored all my writing responsibilities last weekend. I didn't even look at anything. I have a good excuse though. I had this panic response to layoffs at work and applied for another position at my company. I personally feel like it was a bit beyond my skillset, but they seemed to like... Continue Reading →

Back at Grounded

I haven't really been out writing in a couple months. Now that I have a home office, it just seems to be a time suck to actually go out and write. It's a good 40 minutes of driving when you consider getting there and getting home. And then it costs money to get stuff and... Continue Reading →

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