Time Flies

For some reason, this month has gone by really quickly. How come the warm months go by faster? I really just want this warmth to last forever. Knowing that it won’t, I at least hope that this summer is really hot. I’d love to feel thankful once the fall arrives and it starts cooling off. Today, it’s cold.

As well, I can’t really think of anything interesting going on outside of writing. I haven’t heard any new music lately. I haven’t seen any particularly good movies. I just finished reading 1Q84 and it kind of bummed me out. I was so long and repetitive. Maybe it was just that it didn’t translate well? I’m currently reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I wanted to take a break from books that had pedophilia in them (prior to 1Q84, I read We Are Water). Just have a nice story that was relatively light reading. Our work book club is jumping into Love in the Time of Cholera next, so that should be a good time.

What I liked about 1Q84 was that it was a non-omniscient 3rd person narration that followed different characters in different chapters. The last few books I read were all 1st person and I had been having a challenge communicating certain facts and progressing the story in my own writing. I wanted to spend more time examining how other authors handle these things in 3rd person. I’m not sure I learned anything aside from noticing these same challenges in other people’s writing. Which, if nothing else, is a relief to see.

Right now, I have my own story up to the point where I had everything nailed down as to how I planned things to go. It makes me nervous to start writing on days when I’m not really sure exactly what direction things will go. That being said, I usually hit that point about once a month and as of yet, it always seems to go well. I know the end and I know the basic marks I need to hit, it’s just the specifics. I guess it’s time to jump in for today and see where we get.

I’m looking to hit 60K words either today or next Sunday. It’s actually kind of nuts that it wasn’t that long ago that I hit 50K. I’m thinking my first draft should be done before the end of the summer. My editor (read as: Sunny aka my dear and lovely wife) finished part 1 at the beginning of March and will be jumping into part 2 soon. I’ll get part 3 finished and it should be edited by the end of the year I’d think at the latest.

Honestly, though, it’s probably better if I just keep writing and worry about what happens next once I’m done. So I might as well get going.

P.S. Today’s image is a painting my daughter Madison did for me a few years ago.

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