I’m Back

Well, I may have skipped writing last week, but I had a good excuse. I went to visit my mother for her birthday. My sister came into town as well and brought my nieces. It was kind of surreal because my son is like a little clone of me and my sister's kids are like... Continue Reading →


It's 9 AM and I'm at Grounded Coffee Company. My laptop is out and I have my coffee and a biscotti. I do not, however, have my earphones. Writing without my music distracting me from everything else going on might be a whole new exercise for me. Usually, when I write I have to cut... Continue Reading →

Getting back to work

I've had a bit of a break after my review a few weeks ago. I've been thinking about how to implement some of the feedback into a better final product. I realized that I've strayed from the initial idea/theme that I had for the book, which is understandable since I'd written the ending in September... Continue Reading →

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