Direction is Hard

I finished the edits I had noted for myself on MS #2. It took me a while to get through as I had to insert a few scenes and do a lot of logistical reordering to make sure everything made chronological sense. I’ll be doing one more round of editing before I start sending queries for it.
I think that was one of the big issues I had before. I was so excited when I reached a milestone that I would send a bunch of query letters out. Then, because it wasn’t ready or my query wasn’t very good, I missed that opportunity. This time I want to do it right.
For round two of editing, I’ve given it to maybe seven people. I know I’ll get really detailed edits from at least two of those people and then some general impressions from the rest, which I think is perfect.
So far, I’ve been told to completely rewrite my funeral scene because I raced through it during NaNoWriMo and there is no dialogue. Very good point. I’ve also decided that I should change one of the characters to add some additional conflict. I have a problem making everyone get along too well because I just assume everyone will be nice. This is not great for conflict. So yeah, let’s get some crappy people up in this mug.
The big question is though, what should I do while I’m, waiting for those edits to come back to me? I had an idea about writing some short stories about a few of the characters in my MS, which I think would be fun for me, but might also be fun for readers. One of those short stories will be really hard though.
On the other hand, I could work on the MS#1 again. I got some serious feedback on that one. My sadist (I mean editor) fried basically told me to keep only the dialogue and rewrite everything else. With more dialogue and interpersonal conflict. I agree with this, but it’s a huge undertaking and I don’t want to be working on two projects at the same time.
Or, I could just take a breather and take some downtime while I let people read. My only issue with this is that I have been off my feet completely since my surgery 8 weeks ago. I’m sick of doing nothing. The good news is that I get my cast off and can start putting weight on my ankle again on Thursday.
And because I can’t half do anything, the following week, I’m going to Toronto for 3 days for work, which I suspect will be fairly active.
I think today I’ll finish reading The Shipping News and call that a productive day.

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